Our factory is located at 2/8 Supply Court, Arundel, QLD, Australia. We currently have 540m2 of floor space, upstairs office so we can keep an eye on production, dedicated hardware room & sample room.  Within the next 1-2 years Precise Precut will require 1200m2 + floor space to cope with our growing turnover.

Below is some photos & information on our machines & factory so please have a read.

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Hardware Room & Sample Room

Here we keep all your hardware ready for dispatch.

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This is where we run the business from & as you can see we have a great view of our factory floor from the office. This view helps us keep a tab on everything that is going on in production.

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General Factory photos


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Outside of Factory

Here are some photos of the outside of the factory. We are located behind Gold Coast Postforming’s factory.

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ppc factory page1 images
PPC Contact Details
+617 5574 5266 & +617 5574 5288
+617 5574 5233
2/8 Supply Court, Arundel, QLD, AUS
P.O. Box 197 Arundel, QLD, AUS 4214
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