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Modular Pro

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Modular Pro is an online program that cabinetmakers & shopfitters use to order cabinets & panels. What we have done is remove most of the dreaded cut list element away from ordering your cabinets. So now when ordering you simply ‘click’ on the picture of the cabinet you want to order, fill in the Height, Width & Depth. The program will then price each cabinet and the hardware in the cabinet for you instantly. All cabinets are cut, drilled & edged on our Anderson CNC nester so when the parts get to you or the cabinetmaker/shopfitter, all you will have to do is screw the cabinet together & attach the hardware.

The way we see it, time is money & this program saves you time in quoting, ordering and assembly. We have customers that can quote & order a full sized kitchen in 20 minutes!!

How Do I Access Modular Pro

If you wish to use Modular Pro & you’re in the trade of Cabinetmaking or Shopfitting, please contact Precise Precut on the contacts page of this website. They will get in touch with you and setup an online account so you can access the website.

Modular Pro's Future

We are continually developing new cabinets to be ordered online. We get requests from many of our customers for particular cabinets they require. Whatever is the most popular cabinet requested is generally the one we will develop next, its as simple as that! 

We are currently working on Inner drawer pantry cabinets and then re-working all overhead cabinets to make them more flexible.